Sylhet News 15 December 2020 | সিলেটের খবর

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Channel S Television the UK Based Bangla language television channel available in Europe, Bangladeshi audience for one of the most powerful electronic media which can raise their voice across the world. Journey begun in July 2004, while a group of undiscovered talents took the challenge of broadcasting the television channel to the mainstream standard using the latest state of the art technology. Channel s TV has been voted the most popular Bengali channel outside Bangladesh in 2006.


To watch Channel S in mainland Europe tune to the below Frequencies: From 17/03/2016 our frequency details will be changed. Downlink parameters are: Transponder 65 11082 Horizontal, 22.0MS/s, FEC 5/6


Sylhet News 15 December 2020 | সিলেটের খবর

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